they told us we couldn’t, they told us  that we wouldn’t but they would change their mind if they could see us now.

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But even more important—we are happy we are we.

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"Whatever’s broke, I can make it unbroken.”

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When pixar does the thing that makes you question if you are actually watching a children’s movie.

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pretty girls who can pull off messy hair and no make up and have eyebrow game strong enough to kill half the population are a serious threat and i am afraid of them

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I live in South Florida and my girlfriend has recently moved to Texas, it’s been a little tough but she’s absolutely the best girl I could ask for. She sent me an Easter basket in the mail that broke me down. For never being in a relationship before me, she’s doing a hell of a job. I love you, Allison.

Happy Easter I wish I could be there with you. 

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ugh pls????

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Camren’s reactions to Lauren being hit on. (x)

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